Unlock Untapped Market Potential with Strategic Telemarketing

Successful outsourced telemarketers are masters of business matchmaking. They deliver qualified meetings straight to your prospective client’s calendar. Marketing in a GDPR-compliant age needs to be undertaken by staff who embrace professionalism, stoicism and intelligence. Our team “listens” to prospects and adeptly uncovers subtle buying signals. We work closely with clients to define their offerings. We capture market insight to help companies further understand the markets they have targeted.

Our mission is to uncover the source of any pain points in the organization that your solution can unlock and make them come to the realization that they want to meet with you.

We do all of this but there are a number of keys to success that we use to unlock a campaign’s potential

Driving Revenue and Expand Reach with Our Proven Services

Appointment Setting Services

When we deliver our sales appointment-setting services, we work with you to agree on what makes a quality lead, make the calls for you, send emails, manage essential online communications and book meetings in your calendar that fit your agreed criteria.

Market Research Services

Our aim is to make outsourcing your B2B market research as hassle-free as possible and will agree to a timeline for reporting and communication to ensure that you are always up to speed with our progress.

Telemarketing Services

We are a leading B2B telemarketing agency with over 16 years of experience. We deliver outsourced telemarketing services that generate results. Qualified sales opportunities are crucial to the success of any business.

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

We understand that Lead Generation means different things to different companies. We say our output is for well-qualified sales opportunities typically depending on your business that is one of the following: meeting, survey, discovery session, or a demonstration that is booked with a time and a date and only call it a a qualified lead if it is a genuine opportunity for you to reach your objectives. We put the rest in your sales funnel, depending on the project length we can continue calling it or you can work on it at a later date; your data is uniquely yours - we never share leads or datasets and you have total transparency over your data.

What we do is develop a bespoke lead generation strategy specific to your business.

We aim to make outsourcing your Internal Sales and outreach a success often our clients copy our methods.  We communicate at your convenience to ensure that you are regularly always updated on our progress. We give you time to focus on the high value part of your work.


Get Help From Our

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who possess excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of sales and marketing techniques.

We Understand Your Market

In today's businesses, effective telemarketing is a crucial marketing link for organisations aiming to have meaningful conversions that convert to sales. However, gaining a deep understanding of your target audience and their unique needs is paramount to achieving success in this realm. This is where Push Sales and Marketing Leads Ltd comes into play.

Education and Training

Telemarketing in the Education sector

We work with Universties, Colleges and Training Providers on their employer outreach programs. We set up meetings with Employers investing in upskilling their staff or themselves. Interested in knowledge transfer and we have carried out projects that cover Executive Education, Apprenticeships, KTPs, CPDs and Collaboration Projects. In addition, we can provide Consumer Market Research, Economic Impact Studies, Educational Destination surveys, traditional Learner surveys as well as well-being and mental health surveys. We assist with the development of your database, purchasing data, and providing a secure CRM environment. The data we use comes from approved market data suppliers and is clean, GDPR-compliant and CTPS-checked.

Commercial Market Research

Commercial Telemarketing and Research

We deliver robust, credible market research and client satisfaction and customer survey projects, enabling companies, professional bodies, trade associations, local and central government and educational facilities to understand the perceptions of existing and potential clients, members and alumni. These can be useful for ongoing engagement, new service or product launches or impact assessments. We deliver honest, insightful results that have real meaning for your organisation. We can carry out surveys and provide just the raw data or we can do a full analysis and report.

Customer Satisfaction

How to use telemarketing to generate meetings

To deliver results for our clients it is no longer enough to buy a list of companies with their phone numbers and call it blindly. Our team takes the time to look at the website and other data sources to identify the relevant decision-makers their contact details and processes that these companies are likely to be involved with. Making every call relevant to the company we are calling. This is particularly important because cold calling has increasingly become ineffective as a way to reach decision-makers. We use specialised data, knowledgeable staff, and a relatable approach to get us in contact with higher numbers of decision-makers.

Expertly Generated Sales Opportunities Tailored to Fuel Your Success

As a marketing company, we understand Business Development isn’t a single point of focus. We assist with your marketing strategy by; Increasing your reach and generating valuable sales opportunities. We use several touchpoints, engage with potential customers and drive conversations. With skilled professionals and market knowledge, we identify qualified leads and highlight your unique value proposition, becoming your trusted partner.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Telemarketing in the Engineering & Manufacturing sector

Push Sales and Marketing Leads Ltd has worked with more than 100 organizations in the Engineering and Manufacturing sector, in disciplines such as Automation, Pneumatics, Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. Our services have helped them develop their marketing strategies and feed their sales pipelines and create more revenue. We assist with Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, finding that social / digital and telemarketing come together to improve sales and ROI.

Building & Construction

Telemarketing in the Building & Construction sector

The Push team has generated project opportunities for more than 200 companies in the Building and Construction sector, in trades such as Green Roofing, Commercial Kitchens, Site Security and Acoustic Solutions amongst many others. Our & telemarketing combination leads to increased revenues. We have successfully trialed the combination of; Telemarketing, Emailing and Social Media communication and posts. We have been instrumental in the generation and appointment-setting campaigns of a multitude of companies and have generated tender opportunities, sales meetings and qualified leads for a whole range of projects, for our clients.

Professional Services

5 Ways to Improve your B2B Telemarketing

The team at Push Sales and Marketing Leads Ltd has partnered with more than 200 professional services clients, involving diverse campaigns; Appointment setting for R&D tax credits in Accountancy, Market research and client satisfaction surveys for Legal Practices, Launching services for Architectural Innovators, Telemarketing for Arbitration Services, Whitepaper delivery for Publishing Platforms, Pulse surveys for Media in addition to working with a leading Management Consultancy, Land & Estate Agents, Marketing Agencies, and the household names in the Public Sector.

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Our experienced team at Push Sales and Marketing Leads Ltd has worked with a diverse range of people from Professional Services to Trades; from Partners to Professors, Doctors to Directors and  Ministers to Lords; we aren’t intimidated at any level. Whether it is Academia or Zoology, Digger Hire, Landscapers or Roofers, we speak your language and have been a trusted outsourced solution provider that delivers for both the Private and the Public Sector.